‘Professional Cuddler’ Earns $500 A Day, But There Are Rules If You Want To Snuggle

Professional cuddler takes home $500 a day

Everyone needs a little love now and again, and some are apparently willing to shell out hundreds just to snuggle a warm body once in a while. That body belongs to Kitty Mansfield, a “professional cuddler” who earns up to $500 a day by cozying up to her clients.

We’re not sure if we should brand it awkward or quit our day jobs for the booming industry of professional cuddling, but, whatever Mansfield is doing over in Ramsgate, England, it’s paying off. She began her career as a holistic therapist but made the jump to professional cuddling when she discovered that her clients craved physical intimacy.

“People love to be cuddled because it feels good and offers simple contact,” Mansfield says. “People want to feel a connection. It’s something we have lost out on. Touching has become a taboo.”

The idea inspired her to start Be Snuggled, the cutest name ever for a professional cuddling service, and a way to allow her customers to feel he physical connection they’ve been craving. Naturally, there are a couple of rules.

First, underwear must be worn at all times. Yes, that has to be a rule.

Second, clients aren’t getting anything remotely sexual for their $68 per hour. Mansfield is open to snuggling on film and even a snuggling “threesome,” but she won’t go any further. She even requires her customers to wear t-shirts instead of tank tops.

“People can just come and talk, or they can snuggle wherever they want for as long as they want,” she says of the service. “At Be Snuggled, you will discover a safe, warm and nonjudgmental oasis where you can step out of your everyday life, rediscover the pleasure of nonsexual snuggling and enjoy the many psychological and physiological benefits of cuddling.”

She’s also aware that there will be critics.

“I think I will get some criticism because it’s not a standard type of service I’m offering. But the way I see it, hostility is just a symptom of fear.”

Mansfield isn’t the only professional cuddler out there, either. Jackie Samuel, a 29-year-old graduate student, started Rochester, New York-based “The Snuggery,” charging $60 an hour for the aforementioned snuggles.

Would you hire a professional cuddler?

[Image via: Yuri Arcurs, Shutterstock.com]