Joy Behar Not Leaving ‘The View’: ‘Rumors Of My Retirement Have Been Greatly Exaggerated’

Joy Behar is not leaving The View. The sole original member of the panel hired by Barbara Walters when the show made its initial debut in 1997 said during the show’s April 9 broadcast, “rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated” to fellow panelists Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, and Sunny Hostin.

Joy addressed the rumor she was departing the show after it was reported that author Ramin Setoodeh made a claim of a 2022 exit for the longtime panelist in an updated paperback edition of his book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View.

“They’re always talking about me leaving the show, but I’m not leaving the show. Where am I going to go? What will I do? I need to be on television,” Joy stated.

She then remarked if she remains then she continues to be a “job creator” for conservative news outlet Breitbart, who regularly reports on her View statements. Joy then addressed the rumor of her statement to Ramin Setoodeh.

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Joy said that her original remark was that if she was as fabulous in 2022 as she is now, she will probably remain on the show. She then explained that while no one knows what they’re going to do in the next two years and that nothing can be predicted, she reassured viewers that as of today she was not going anywhere.

She also addressed show moderator Whoopi Goldberg’s statement that if she left The View it would be like breaking up the band. Joy responded that the band had been broken up many times before, but Whoopi stood strong. She stated that she would miss her longtime co-host if she left.

Meghan McCain also chimed in with her own take on the situation.

The conservative commentator, who has famously clashed with Joy on numerous occasions during her View tenure, stated that her co-host could not leave. She remarked that she needed Joy’s advice about being pregnant. She also remarked that there is currently a pandemic and an election coming up so Joy had to stay on The View.

Fans reacted to the news on The View’s Instagram, who shared a video of the exchange between the women.

“I would miss you Joy! So do not go anywhere!” remarked one fan on the social media site.

“You better not leave!!! I love you and your opinions!! You are amazing,” said a second follower.

“My heart stopped when I heard the introduction prior to the program! So glad Joy is not leaving and that the rest of the ladies are also staying. Keep informing America ladies!” stated a third viewer.

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