Taco Bell's Quesarito: For 2 Dollars You Can Experience The Next Step In Food Innovation

Taco Bell's quesarito: it's a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla. It's an idea that seems both obvious and genius in hindsight, and Taco Bell, being a master of food innovations, would be the natural place to see such an invention. They have already given the world such great food products as the Waffle Taco, the Doritos Taco, and, in some distant locations, the Chocodilla.

A Chocodilla is a quesadilla with chocolate instead of cheese (just to clarify).

But, the quesarito is not a breakthrough or a game changer. Instead, it is an incremental change working off of the ideas and inventions of other food geniuses.

Taco Bell used a simple idea to invent the quesarito: putting cheese in unexpected places is great. Pizza Hut first tested this concept when it put cheese in the crust of a pizza. The success that followed is the stuff of legend. Now, Taco Bell is essentially doing the same thing; stuffing cheese in the 'crust' of the burrito. Nevertheless, they were not the first to think of a quesarito.

As true fans of chain-restaurant intrigue know, the customers of Chipotle have long requested (and in many cases received) a quesarito. It's a custom order, unofficial and unverified. It was an inconvenience for people out to push the limit of what Mexican food could be, since they had to find a willing burrito maker.

Although Chipotle has never embraced the secret burrito, it's clear that the idea has existed for some time, and now, Taco Bell is taking the reins and making it official and on the menu.

Already with a cult following in place and a proven track record of people loving cheese, Taco Bell has most likely found its next big hit.

For those very few who both go to Taco Bell and care about personal health; a quesarito with seasoned beef has 650 calories and 34g of total fat; with shredded chicken, it's 620 calories and 30g of fat, and with steak, its 640 calories and 31g of fat.

For those Taco Bellers who want a good price per calorie the quesarito is perfect. Shredded Beef is $1.99, shredded chicken is $2.79 and steak is $2.99.

Now, people will be left to speculate on the next Taco Bell product. Will it be mind-blowing or will they spin-off the quesarito idea with a tacodilla (a taco with a quesadilla for a shell)?

Only time will tell what Taco Bell has in store for the world next.