‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Willow Is Determined To Take Action To Protect Wiley

Katelyn MacMullen plays Willow Tait on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

Thursday’s General Hospital spoilers suggest that Willow may be nearing a breaking point. She was already left heartbroken by learning that Wiley is not her biological son and that her child died soon after he was born. As if that were not difficult enough, Nelle is causing a lot of chaos in Port Charles, and the impact this is having on Wiley’s situation is generating a lot of anxiety for Willow.

When Willow paid Nina a visit earlier this week at Crimson, she learned that Nelle was now working there. Nelle did what she usually does, which is to push Willow’s buttons, and her efforts were quite successful.

Willow went to meet up with Chase, Michael, and Sasha at the Corinthos house, and General Hospital spoilers detail that this conversation will continue with Thursday’s episode. The preview shared via Twitter details that Willow will be nearly frantic in wanting to figure out a way that they can protect Wiley.

Just a matter of days ago, Sasha surprised her beau and friends by suggesting that Michael and Willow get married to gain an edge over Nelle in the custody battle. Sasha got a lot of pushback when she initially suggested this, but General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that this idea will likely come back into play again soon.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that during Thursday’s show, Willow will tell Sasha that she needs to do something. Just being around to protect Wiley isn’t enough in Willow’s mind. Rather, she wants to actively be involved in ensuring that Nelle doesn’t gain custody of the little boy.

This determination may well provide another opportunity for Sasha to make her argument for the marriage idea, and Willow may not be very resistant to it at this point. According to Soap Central, Willow will be keeping an open mind about something, and revisiting Sasha’s suggestion certainly seems like a fit here.

Thursday’s episode will also show a conversation between Michael and Chase. General Hospital spoilers suggest that they will be feeling protective of Willow, wanting to shield her from having to testify in the upcoming custody trial.

Given all that Willow has already been through, including being assaulted by Nelle, it seems that they will think that asking her to take the stand will be too much. Of course, Willow probably will not agree with them or be pleased that they’re essentially trying to work around her on this.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that next week Willow will be seeking comfort from Chase as things may be feeling overwhelming for her. It sounds as if this custody battle is going to go through quite a few more ups and downs before it’s resolved, and Willow will seemingly figure prominently into all of the upcoming developments.