Adrian Peterson Trade Rumor: Vikings Could Be Looking To Deal Running Back

Adrian Peterson has seen plenty of trade rumors in the past few months, and it seems there's a new one coming around.

Reports indicate that the Minnesota Vikings could deal the running back sometime in the next few months, with the entire deal hinging on the play of Teddy Bridgewater.

Sports World Report notes that if the team does not find early success with Bridgewater, they may look to unload assets, with Adrian Peterson being the chief one.

Though he is approaching 30, Peterson has remained productive. He returned from a knee injury to rush for 2,000 yards, and though he dipped to 1,266 yards last season, many believe he still has some elite seasons left.

Adrian Peterson has addressed the trade rumors in the past, saying back in November that he believes the Vikings have "the right pieces" to turn into a contender.

"I understand that," Peterson said about the trade rumors, via the Pioneer Press. "I know this is a business and things like that happen. So if it happens, it happens. There's not much I can't handle. I'm sure someone will welcome me with open arms if they do decide to trade me. … But it's a business, so if they trade me, then, hey."

Trading Peterson would make sense for the Vikings. It would give them some high draft picks to fuel the rebuilding process and strip some much needed cash from the salary cap.

There are still four years left on Peterson's contract. He is set to earn $11.75 million in 2014, and each year after that will go up.

Though he is clearly still a capable running back, there are increasing question marks surrounding Adrian Peterson. Running backs in today's NFL are known to hit a wall quickly as they approach 30, and Peterson has more than his share of carries throughout his career.

The Adrian Peterson trade rumors could be fueled in part by his health. In January he underwent groin surgery, and though it was not major it has raised some red flags about his health prospects for the future.