‘The Last Of Us’ Gets New Trailer, TV Spot [Video]

The Last of Us gets new tv, trailer

The Last of Us got a new TV spot that aired during the season finale of the Walking Dead. The video game that takes a unique look at the zombie apolocalypse also got a “red band” trailer that gives gamers the longest look yet at the new title.

Game developers, Naughty Dog actually used the popularity of The Walking Dead to draw people in. The 30 second spot wet people’s whistles for the game and then pointed them towards the longer trailer.

That longer trailer gives a little bit more of a back story to a game that has been highly anticipated despite delays in its release. The game was originally slated to get a May 7 release but unspecified problems with the build pushed back the release date to June 14.

The Last of Us follows Joel and his daughter Ellie as they battle their way through a world that has been overrun by a malevolent fungus. This fungus is able to take people over and mutate them into incredibly violent zombie like creatures.

The protagonists also have to get themselves out of some scrapes that involve other human survivors. This game paints a picture that is quite a bit more bleak because of that fact.

You cannot relax simply because you run across another party of humans. In a lot of ways, regular people are almost more dangerous than the monsters you are trying to avoid because they are far less predictable.

It makes sense that the game developers paired themselves up with the Walking Dead since that appears to be the message the show is trying to teach as well, especially this season.

The longer trailer will especially give gamers a little more of a look at Ellie. The spot will show you exactly why you need her along for the ride.

Despite the gloom and doom that is contained in this game, there is a lot that is quite pretty as well. Both trailers do a good job of showing off the world you will be journeying through in a way that will make you want to pick up the game.

The Last of Us is coming exclusively to the Sony Playstation network so PC and Xbox gamers are out of luck.