WestJet Announces Furry Family Service To Fly Alligators, Bears, And More [Video]

Canadian airline WestJet has tired of the faceless, cookie cutter service offered by those other airlines. Today, they have rolled out a new “Furry Family” program that will allow fanatical pet owners to take their favorite companion animals along with them in the cabin — and the animals no longer have to be confined to those cramped pet carriers. Heck, they don’t even have to wear their seat belts.

A WestJet vice-president, Richard Bartrem, explained, “We recognize that a growing number of families want to travel with their ‘extended’ family and we are proud to be the first airline to offer this type of service.”

A video of a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the new program revealed a few startled looks on the faces of some of the passengers who, perhaps, didn’t expect to fight the armrest elbow war with a capuchin monkey.

And for those of you who innocently believed that a bear relieves itself in the woods, well, that’s only because you haven’t seen a black bear make use of a cramped airplane lav.


Although it’s called “Furry Family,” the program has been extended to include feathered and scaly pets. Whether your non-human family member is a street pigeon or a baby alligator, it deserves the same respect as a full-grown black bear capable of taking your head off, right?

In case you haven’t figured it out, check the date. WestJet is known for its unconventional brand of humor.

In 2011, they unveiled an April Fool’s proposal to mix cabin air with helium to save on the high cost of fuel. In addition to making you talk in that squeaky little voice, helium is lighter than oxygen.

The April Fool’s 2012 prank, Kargo Kids, was an offer that, on “select flights,” children would be packed into the cargo hold so that adults could enjoy a child-free cabin. That one might have been funnier if every business traveler in North America hadn’t said, “Hey, that’s actually a good idea, WestJet, so when is it coming?”

The 2013 April Fool’s may be the best yet. After all, it’s funnier than snakes on a plane. It’s goats, monkeys, pigeons, and bears on a plane too. Here’s the WestJet announcement right here. Enjoy: