Powerball Winner Settles Child Support Debt

Powerball Winner Settles Child Support Debt

A Powerball winner has settled his $30,000 child support debt this afternoon. Pedro Quezada, winner of $338 million, appeared in court today facing a warrant for failure to pay support.

Quezada was the lucky winner of the New Jersey Powerball lottery which totaled around $152 million after taxes. Quezada reportedly purchased the ticket, bearing the numbers 17, 29, 31, 52, 53, and the Powerball number, 31, at a local liquor store.

He returned to Eagle Liquors two days after the drawing to scan the ticket. He was stunned to learn he was the sole winner of the $338 million jackpot.

As reported by NBC, Quezada and his wife worked long hours in their convenience store and had little time for themselves. The couple reportedly sold their store within days of winning the lottery.

Quezada states that winning the Powerball jackpot may change his life but it will not change what is in his heart. In addition to paying his child support debt, the 45-year-old Dominican Republic immigrant plans to use his winnings to make life easier for his family and friends.

During a news conference Quezada admitted that one of the first things he will buy is a car as he currently does not own one.

Neighbors of the Powerball winner state that he promised to help friends in his neighborhood with their rent and housing costs for “at least a month or two.” His friends and family have described him as a hard worker and a good friend.


Quezada is reportedly the father of five children. Three of the children were owed the $30,000 which was settled this afternoon. As reported by the Huffington Post, the debt was owed over the last four years. Quezada also announced today that he will be seeking custody of the three children.

The Powerball winner has settled his child support debt and hopes he can now move forward with his new life.

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