Kayla Itsines Flaunts Killer Physique In Ab Workout Video

Kayla Itsines attends the Women's Health Women In Sport Awards at Hordern Pavilion.
Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Kayla Itsines continues to show her 12.4 million Instagram followers that being shut indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean they can’t keep up with their workouts. The fitness trainer has been consistently posting home workout circuits that target specific areas of the body and require minimal to no equipment. On Tuesday, April 7, Kayla posted an ab workout that can be done anywhere and doesn’t disappoint in terms of intensity.

For the workout, the Australian native wore a black sports bra and matching black spandex shorts. The top left of her muscular arms and shoulders were on display, while the gap along her midsection showed off her gym-honed abs. The shorts clung to her hips and backside while leaving plenty of sculpted leg exposed. Kayla completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers accentuated with black and gray designs. She accessorized with a silver exercise watch and wore her long, straight brunette tresses pulled up in a ponytail to keep them out of her face.

The video consists of five different ab exercises, all performed in the fitness trainer’s living room. She utilized a pink exercise mat on top of her white carpet for extra comfort, as all the exercises were performed on the floor.

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The first exercise that Kayla demonstrated is called the X toe tap and involves lifting each leg in towards the chest while tapping the toes with the opposite arm. This is alternated for 20 reps, 10 on each side. The next exercise in the circuit was the straight-leg jackknife, also carried out lying down. With her legs and arms both pressed together, Kayla brought them in to meet in the center, repeating this move for 12 reps.

The third exercise was the Russian twist, which required Kayla to sit with her legs crossed in the air in front of her as she twisted her torso from one side to the other. This move was followed by 20 ab bikes, 10 on each side. The final exercise in the workout was the X plank. Kayla moved her body into a plank position and then pushed back into a downward dog position while tapping the opposite foot with her hand, repeating this move for 20 total reps, 10 on each side.

In the caption of the video, the fitness trainer told her followers that the workout was high intensity — even with no equipment involved. Kayla challenged her trainees to complete three laps of the ab circuit.

The post earned over 35,000 likes and hundreds of comments from adoring fans who thanked the trainer for posting the workout.