Lohan Wants Adderall In Rehab

Lohan Appearing On Letterman

Lindsay Lohan will only go to rehab if she can take her Adderall with her.

According to TMZ, Lohan agreed to attend a rehab facility but only if she would be allowed to bring her Adderall with her.

Lohan reportedly told her lawyer, Mark Heller, that she would rather take her chances with a trial than go to rehab without her favorite drug. Which is a bit ironic, since Lohan seems to be seriously addicted to Adderall.

According to the NY Post, Lohan was first prescribed the drug, which is used to treat ADHD, back in 2010 when she was in jail for previous misdemeanors. Sources close to the actress blame the drug for Lohan’s downward spiral and say that she uses the drug more often than she should.

According to one source, Lohan doesn’t believe that she needs the drug to function.

Dr. Ronald Ricker and Dr. Venus Nicolino named Adderall “the most abused prescription drug in America.” In an article for the Huffington Post from 2010, the two doctors write: “Adderall is very, very addictive. Along with the ‘fun’ of physical and psychological damage, this drug opens the awful Pandora’s Box of addiction, with all its’ sadness, pain and misery. Adderall not only opens this Box, but also resides within. It is a ‘gateway’ drug, often leading to other fun drugs like cocaine, heroin, E, etc.”

But the Adderall clause isn’t the only problem with Lohan’s plea deal. The Inquisitr reported earlier that the “lockdown” facility that Lohan will be attending for rehab doesn’t actually exist.

So to sum things up: Lohan agreed to go to a rehab facility that doesn’t exist under the condition that she’s allowed to continue to take the drug that she’s addicted to.

Yep, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is finally getting back on the right track.