SWAT Team Invades Wrong Home: Breaks Door And Windows

A SWAT team invaded the wrong home, breaking the door and windows and upsetting a Pittsburgh homeowner. Carla Glover’s home was mistakenly surrounded and broken into by SWAT team members searching for a murder suspect

The police were searching for a man wanted for a homicide during a “party bus” brawl. Steven Lee Jr., age 21, was reportedly shot to death during a fight on the bus in Sheraden, Pennsylvania last weekend.

As reported by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, authorities have identified Michael Lyons, age 22, as the gunman. Charges of homicide and possession of an unlicensed firearm have been filed. A warrant was issued for Lyons as his whereabouts are currently unknown.

In their search for Lyons, the police SWAT team invaded the wrong home. The team was allegedly searching the neighborhood when they surrounded Glover’s home. After breaking down the door and windows, the SWAT team entered the home and found in empty.

Glover was not home at the time and had no idea what happened until she received a call from police. As reported by WTAE, police contacted Glover to let her know they had broken her window.

When Glover returned home she was livid as she discovered her patio furniture thrown around her lawn and her door and windows busted out. A neighbor witnessed the incident and recorded the SWAT team at Glover’s home.

Glover found her door frame completely destroyed, her windows broken out, and glass and furniture thrown around. She states she is not only angry; she feels violated. Glover shares the home with her two grandchildren and feels fortunate that they were not harmed when the SWAT team burst into the house.

Authorities have not located Lyons and he is still wanted in the murder of Steven Lee Jr. Glover does not know if police will reimburse her for the damage caused by the SWAT team invading her home.

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