Tyler Baltierra Admits He And Catelynn Lowell Would Quit ‘Teen Mom OG’ For Their Kids

Tyler Baltierra has been sharing his life on Teen Mom OG for over a decade and now he is revealing the circumstances that would lead he and wife Catelynn Lowell to quit the show. Tyler spoke out in an interview with the Awesome Dad Show on Youtube and opened up about all things Teen Mom.

MTV cameras are often around to film Tyler, his wife, and their two daughters. He said that he and Catelynn always explain to their 5-year-old daughter Nova when the crew will be there to film. They also give her the option to participate on a particular day, and if she doesn’t want to, they don’t force it.

He went on to say that as Nova has gotten older, they have let her know that people at her school may start to recognize her. According to Tyler, they speak to her about things on an “age appropriate level.”

“If it comes to the point where our children are coming to us and saying, ‘Listen, we’re getting bullied’ or ‘I wish you guys wouldn’t do the show anymore,’ then it’s done.”

Though they haven’t reached that point yet, the Baltierra family would not be hurting financially. Tyler revealed that his kids are “set” thanks to the show.

“As far as [the kids] getting compensated for the show, my kids are totally set, they’re totally set up for life,” he explained, adding that their college will be paid for.


Tyler went on to explain that the “main thing” he and Catelynn wanted to ensure their children had was a trust fund. All of the money that the kids make from Teen Mom goes into a trust and neither of the girls will be able to touch it until they reach a certain age.

Even though they may have plenty of money, the Baltierras aren’t flaunting it by living a flashy lifestyle. The couple still lives in the same county in which they grew up in Michigan. Rather than buying an extravagant house, the two chose to live with their kids on a sprawling farm.

“We try to just keep it as humble and simple as possible and also try to keep our TV life as separate as we can, realistically, from the kids,” Tyler said.

The new season of Teen Mom OG is currently airing on MTV and fans can tune in on Tuesday nights to catch up with Tyler, Catelynn, and their two daughters.