Catelynn Lowell Fires Back At Claims Tyler Baltierra Cheated On Her: ‘It Would Drive Him Insane’

Catelynn Lowell is firing back at claims that her husband Tyler Baltierra cheated on her, explaining that he wouldn’t be able to do so without telling her.

The Teen Mom OG star spoke out to Us Weekly about the cheating rumors that have resurfaced since the new season of the show started to air on MTV.

“For people to think that he cheats is ridiculous and you obviously don’t know his character because he would never be able to cheat and not tell me. It would drive him insane.”

Aside from his personality, it turns out he wouldn’t have time to cheat, as the couple are always together. Catelynn dished that they are with one another “every day,” so she always knows where her man is.

The two have been a couple since they were teenagers. They were introduced to audiences on their Season 1 episode of 16 and Pregnant and have been with each other ever since, for the past 14 years.

Despite having a strong bond for such a long time, the cheating rumors persist. Catelynn admits that the latest claims have her a bit perplexed.

“Obviously this isn’t the first time cheating rumors have popped up but now it’s gone to the level of being with his Instagram followers? Please!” she exclaimed.

While the couple appear to be happy together, their marriage is far from perfect. The two actually spent some time apart at the end of 2018, prior to welcoming their daughter Vaeda into the world. The trial separation lasted for only 30 days and they reunited before the birth of their daughter.

As to why these particular rumors continue to plague them, Catelynn has some theories. She suggested that people simply like to create drama. She also pointed out that if there was any truth to the speculation, proof would have surfaced by now, especially considering how long the cheating claims have been around.

“Doesn’t anyone think that if this was really happening there would be someone running to the tabloids with proof and would’ve been outed by now?” Catelynn asked.

“I honestly think that people just have a hard time believing in our relationship.”

Even if some people do have a hard time accepting Catelynn and Tyler’s happiness, the duo has proved that their relationship is strong on the new season of Teen Mom OG. The couple even had a recommitment ceremony while on vacation in Hawaii, reaffirming their love for one another.