Bo Obama Wears Easter Ears For Presidential Twitter Pic

Hurry, someone call the animal helpline. President Obama is forcing his dog Bo to pose for embarrassing Easter photos.

The President took to Twitter today to post a photo of his dog Bo in a pair of Easter ears.

The President started his Easter greeting with a link to his weekly address. The President used a quote from his weekly speech to wish American around the country a happy Easter.

Obama wrote: “These holy days afford us the precious opportunity to slow down & spend some quiet moments in prayer & reflection … To treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. That’s the common humanity that binds us together.”

And then he shared a photo of his dog Bo, writing: “Happy Easter.”

According to Fox News, Obama celebrated the holiday with First Lady Michelle and his two daughters Sasha and Malia at a Sunday service at St. John’s Church. Obama has attended mass at St. John’s before and, according to the church, so has every other president since James Madison. The church even has the ninth pew marked with a brass plaque that reads: The President’s Pew.

It’s unclear if the President made Bo wear his bunny ears before or after church.

Bo was definitely in the Easter spirit this weekend. On Friday, the President’s best friend spent the day hunting for Easter eggs.

Here’s the president’s weekly address.