‘True Blood’ Season 6 Trailer Arrives Online [Video]

HBO True Blood Trailer Season Six

The trailer for True Blood season six has finally arrived online.

The latest season of HBO’s sexy vampire series is the first without show creator Alan Ball calling the shots. Although the clip embedded below is only 30-seconds long, it does a very good job of setting the stage for the intensity to come.

If watching the True Blood trailer on your computer screen doesn’t feel right, then you can always hold out for Sunday night. The clip is scheduled to air before the season premiere of Game of Thrones on March 31.

The 30-second video shows a number of characters engaged in some very bloody situation. Included in the new True Blood trailer are Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Rutina Wesley, and a shirtless Joe Manganiello.

The clip also hints at a possible showdown between the humans and the vampires.

Alan Ball helped bring the Stackhouse novels to HBO. Although the show proved to be a huge hit for the cable network, Ball left the show last year to begin work on Banshee. Mark Hudis was soon tapped to take control of the project.

However, Hudis decided to part ways with HBO and True Blood earlier this month. The veteran television writer began work on the show at the beginning of season four as a co-executive producer and writer. He ultimately began showrunner after Ball’s departure.

True Blood HBO Trailer

Alan ball discussed his decision to leave the series with TV Line last year. He explained:

“It’s bittersweet. It’s been such a big part of my life for so long; of course it’s hard to step away. But running that show is such a huge job and I’ve been doing it for five years straight. I just don’t think I have another season left in me. I need to re-charge. And then I’m interested in doing something new — something with different characters and a different tone.”

The new promotional clip from the HBO series is embedded below.

Are you a fan of True Blood? What do you think about the trailer for season six?