‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Talks Co-Parenting: ‘We Do Things As A Family All The Time’

Fans are watching Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton co-parent on the new season of Teen Mom OG, and now the reality show star is opening up about how she and Cory manage to make things work.

Speaking to InTouch Weekly, Cheyenne opened up about how she and Cory are able to co-parent their daughter, Ryder. She revealed how she works with Cory and his pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge.

“Putting your pride aside is definitely a big thing, and to just remember that the goal is … for Ryder to grow up in an environment where no, her parents aren’t together, but in a sense they work together for her.”

It is clear that everyone works together for Ryder, and they often all do things together.

“We do things as a family all the time,” Cheyenne explained to the outlet.

At Christmas, Cory and Taylor spent time at Cheyenne’s home with her family. To make the day more festive, everyone wore matching pajamas and plenty of photos were shared on social media.

Some fans may wonder, though, if having her mom, dad, and dad’s girlfriend spending time together is confusing for their young daughter. Cheyenne insisted, though, that the soon-to-be 3-year-old girl “gets” it.

“Taylor comes over for family events, and [Ryder] understands that Taylor and Daddy are together and that, you know, Mommy and Ryder have a house and Daddy and Ryder have a house. … She definitely gets what’s going on,” Cheyenne explained.


Of course, not everyone may agree with the way Cheyenne and Cory co-parent and she has acknowledged this in the past. Cheyenne once explained that the way they do things is what works for them.

Even though it may appear Cheyenne and Cory have a hold on the whole co-parenting thing, she admits that things are not “perfect” and that they do have to put a lot of work into things. She explained that it takes both “communication” and “forgiveness.”

“You have to work it like you’re in a relationship, almost.”

Cheyenne and Cory were never in an actual relationship, though. Cory was not even aware that he was the father of Cheyenne’s child until well after she was born. When Ryder was 6 months old, Cory learned he was her father. Now, he is expecting another daughter with his girlfriend, and he has admitted that he is nervous since the first six months will be “new” to him.