Cheyenne Floyd Opens Up About Her Relationship With Ex And His Pregnant Girlfriend: ‘It Works For Us’

Cheyenne Floyd is opening up about her relationship with Cory Wharton — her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Ryder. It turns out that while some people may find the way she gets along with her ex and his pregnant girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, is “weird,” she says that it is what works for them.

“I actually helped them plan their gender reveal and gave them all the vendors and places to call. People hear that and they’re like, ‘You helped your child’s father plan their new child’s gender reveal?’ and it sounds so weird but it works for us,” the Teen Mom OG star told E! News.

Fans were shocked when at Christmas, Cory and Taylor actually spent the day with Cheyenne and her loved ones. They all shared photos on Christmas morning in matching pajamas, hanging out with Cheyenne’s whole family. At the time, she shared photos calling them a “crazy blended family” and she reiterated those sentiments in the new interview.

“It’s definitely one big, weird, blended, dysfunctional family.”

Although the situation between Cheyenne, Cory, and Taylor may not be typical, the mom admits that she would take what they have over hating one another “any day.”

Cheyenne also elaborated on why she thinks the two are able to co-parent so well together. While other couples have difficulties, she and Cory have always seemed to be on the same page when it comes to their daughter. She explained that she wasn’t going to allow The Challenge star to be a “Disneyland dad,” adding that she wants him to be involved 100 percent. She also credited Cory appreciating her mindset for their co-parenting.

As for her daughter’s relationship with Taylor, Cheyenne said that Ryder “loves” her. She admitted that her daughter even talks more about her father’s girlfriend than she does about him. As for Cheyenne and Taylor, they have a relationship of their own, with the reality star saying she wants to “be cool” with the person that is around her child.

“I have to respect their relationship and Taylor and I have our own relationship,” she said.

Cory and Taylor are getting ready to welcome a baby girl of their own. The two had a gender reveal earlier this year and shared photos that showed them learning they will be having a daughter.

The couple will be back with Cheyenne on the new season of Teen Mom OG, which is set to air on MTV Tuesday night.