Skype Update For Windows 8 Receives Swipe Controlled Contact Blocking

Skype version 1.6 has been released for Windows 8. The new update announced on the official Skype blog brings with it the ability for users to block contacts.

Microsoft has also announced various performance enhancements for the chat platforms audio and video configurations.

In handing greater control over to users the platform now allows for simple contact swipe controls. Users can swipe at the top or bottom of their screens to call up a command bar relating to a particular contact’s name. From that display the user can choose the corresponding checkbox to “block” a contact.

Along with blocking a user the Skype 1.6 upgrade allows users to label a contact request as spam and to remove a contact entirely.

Fixes included with Skype version 1.6 include solving an issue in which outgoing video sometimes does not display after switching cameras and a second issue in which Skype would display the wrong call error after a call failed.

The update is available for free through the Windows 8 Store.

Here’s a quick look at the new Windows 8 version of Skype. Notice the simple layout for the contact block:

Windows 8 Skype Gets Contact Blocks

Are you a fan of the Windows 8 version of Skype? What changes would you like to see on the app?