Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Flaunts Chiseled Abs In Home Workout Video

Hanna Oberg takes a mirror selfie.
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Fitness trainer Hanna Oberg has been responding to fan requests to post home workout videos with a variety of home exercises that target specific areas of the body. On Saturday, the Swedish native posted an ab workout video to social media site Instagram that flaunted her chiseled midsection.

For the workout, Hanna wears a light orange sports bra that leaves plenty of skin exposed along her arms and abdomen, showing off her full tattoo sleeve on her right arm and her accentuated ab muscles. She pairs the top with high-waisted black leggings that cling to her sculpted legs and complement her gym-honed lower half. The fitness guru completes the outfit with a pair of white ankle-length Adidas socks, a silver pendant necklace, and a black exercise watch.

The Instagram sensation wears her straight, brunette tresses in a low ponytail, letting several strands fall loose around her neck and face. She adds a bit of black mascara and eyeliner and pink, glossy lips to make her facial features pop.

The post features six videos, five of which include a different ab-targeting exercise while the sixth is a cool-down stretching clip. In the first video, Hanna tells her followers that she’s responding to their requests for an at-home workout with the following 10-minute ab circuit. She then moves into V-sits with leg extensions, working her lower abdomen.

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ABS AT HOME – body weight circuit Make sure to LIKE ???? and SAVE the video thank u for the support guys Throwback to sore abs & a mini Ari lol. It’s a AB SATURDAY sweat fest girls and I’m here with a fire 10MIN circuit ???? Honestly hate training abs but cannottttt wait to feel that burn again when my core are 100% healed from the birth. Add this into your weekly home workout plan 2 times/w and I promise you sore abs hehhh. LETS GET INTO IT TRAIN WITH ME. Follow along ‼️ this 10min AB-session on my YouTube channel ???? MORE HOME WORKOUTS on there as well Please comment below???????? what HOME WORKOUTS you’d like to see next? METHOD; preform as a circuit of 30sec work & 30sec rest between rounds. 3 rounds total 1️⃣ V-sit into leg extensions | 3rounds x 30sec 2️⃣ Side plank dips | 3rounds x 30sec each side 3️⃣ Knee crunch into crossover hand to toe | 3rounds x 30sec 4️⃣ Reversed crunches | 3rounds x 30sec 5️⃣ Russian twist | 3rounds x 30sec *️⃣ Stretch between rounds TAG YOUR FRIENDS ????like it is – Zara Larson, Kygo, Tyga ❇️ Spotify: haoberg #homeworkout #abs #abworkout

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In the second video, Hanna performs a series of side plank dips. In the third, she shows her followers how to do knee crunches into crossover hand to toes. The fourth video features reversed crunches, and in the fifth, the trainer demonstrates some Russian twists. The final video shows Hanna stretching her ab muscles, with her body on the floor and pushing up on her arms to elongate her torso.

In the caption of the post, Hanna outlines each move and tells followers how many reps and rounds they should do of each. The preferred method is to perform a circuit of 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest and then repeat this for three rounds. Also in the caption, Hanna asks her followers to let her know what other home workouts they’d like to see.

The post earned nearly 60,000 likes and hundreds of comments within the first day of being posted. The trainer’s 1.8 million followers expressed their gratitude for Hanna and her exercise videos and posed questions related to their own fitness process in the comments section.

“This is my favorite! The one I do each week!!” one Instagram user commented.