Capcom Delays ‘Resident Evil Resistance’ Open Beta

Capcom is delaying its open beta for Resident Evil Resistance for the foreseeable future. The gaming company announced on Friday there appear to be some technical issues with the launch, so the beta will no longer be going live on Saturday, March 28, as was initially intended.

Capcom announced the delay on its official website. Alex Aniel provided a short translation of the Japanese language post on Twitter. For those not familiar with Resident Evil Resistance, it is the multiplayer aspect of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake.

There was a time when the mode was thought to be its own game and a brand new release from Capcom. There were plenty of fans of the series who were less than happy the game was coming. Then it was divulged it was part of the bigger, much-beloved game.

The open beta was scheduled to bring the latest long look at the multiplayer, however, Capcom explained the beta has been delayed for both PS4 and Steam users.

“We are very sorry for those who are looking forward to it and for those who have been waiting for the resumption, but we will postpone the open beta test on PlayStation 4 to investigate the cause. Also, the open beta test on the Steam version, which was scheduled to start on March 28, will be postponed as well.”

Capcom went on to say it was investigating the cause for the delay of the Resident Evil Resistance open beta and will be adding more information as they discover what has transpired. This seems to allude to the fact that the cause is unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak.

Even if the pandemic hasn’t caused this particular delay, gamers are preparing themselves for some kind of announcement of delays for shipping dates for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, which are supposed to drop later this year. So far, though, both Microsoft and Sony have made it clear they don’t believe the coronavirus will push back the consoles’ launch.

The issues with the open beta, which come just a week ahead of the projected release of the full game, may cause some concern for those who are afraid of a delay in the shipping date for the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Capcom recently announced the company believes there could be a problem with shipping physical copies.

As of now, the firm stated they believed digital purchases should be unaffected. Although the delay of the Resident Evil Resistance beta could portend a problem on the digital version of the base game as well, at the moment, no delays have been announced.