Surprise – Capcom’s ‘Project Resistance’ Is Actually A Multiplayer ‘Resident Evil’ Game

Capcom has been teasing a new game for some time now and it was something called Project Resistance, but there is finally more known about it. This week, the Tokyo Game Show is taking place from September 12-15 this year, and it appears as if Capcom wanted to get the jump on the upcoming excitement. Not only is their project a multiplayer horror game, but it is bringing togetherness back to the Resident Evil franchise.

Fans have been hoping that the next installment in the Resident Evil franchise would be a remake of the third game, but that isn’t happening. It’s not to say that it won’t come in the future, but it doesn’t appear to be next on the block for Capcom.

SuperHero Hype is reporting that Capcom revealed Resident Evil: Project Resistance as a new multiplayer-themed survival shooter. A short 90-second teaser was a great introduction to the game, but there wasn’t much concrete information given about it.

What you can see in the trailer is that friends will have to work together against hordes of the undead/zombies and fans will notice a Licker jumping into the fight. Upon killing all those coming after them, their biggest threat comes from behind sliding doors and it looks like someone very familiar to Resident Evil fans.

Is that Mr. X from Resident Evil 2? It certainly seems like that is who is behind the doors and controlling everything before taking over the battle on his own. Hopefully, more will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show this week or shortly after.

There have been multiplayer games in the Resident Evil franchise in the past, but Umbrella Corps in 2016 wasn’t exactly a fan-favorite. Operation Raccoon City in 2012 was received a bit better by fans, but it still didn’t find itself in the list of top choices.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Project Resistance has a way of eliminating the problems of the past and having fans take to it more. If that truly is Mr. X, or even a new version of him, it’s a good first step for Capcom to take.

Capcom is no dummy, as they know that horror is coming back in a big way right now and across multiple platforms. Horror movies are breaking records in theaters, Resident Evil will have its own series on Netflix, and as shown by The Inquisitr, American Horror Story continues to thrill fans season after season.

Resident Evil: Project Resistance is going to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam. There is no set release date as of this time, but we should get more on Capcom’s latest multiplayer horror game very soon.

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