‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Jason Questions Strategy Options & Willow’s Feeling Concerned

Cyrus Renault has everybody in Port Charles jumping through hoops. Now, General Hospital spoilers hint that key figures will have trouble settling on a strategy for moving forward. In addition, it seems that Willow will be trying to make sense of what’s been going on, and it sounds like she’ll have a theory.

According to the preview shared via Twitter for Thursday’s episode, Jason and Sonny will do some additional talking about the Cyrus situation. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will mention how he doesn’t think that bringing Laura into the situation is necessarily the right move.

Laura has already been involved to an extent. She went to Pentonville to try to get Cyrus isolated, and she knows that his men killed Taggert. However, she doesn’t know about TJ’s kidnapping or the full story about Jordan’s past with Cyrus.

Jordan was ready to confess to fabricating the evidence that led to Cyrus’ conviction. However, Curtis objected, and Sonny suggested she go a different route. Jordan resisted Sonny’s suggestion, but the group will continue to work on a solution to this mess.

It sounds as if Sonny will suggest filling Laura in on what’s been happening. At this point, alliances are forming in Port Charles that would ordinarily be impossible to imagine, and that includes the mayor.

Laura and Sonny have been friends for years, but now that she’s mayor she’s been cautious of how she interacts with the mob boss. Now, however, it may require Laura, Jordan, Sonny, and Jason to align together to successfully eliminate Cyrus as an ongoing threat.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sonny will get an urgent call during Thursday’s show. While this could be about Cyrus and the mob business, it sounds as if it may actually be about his father, Mike. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Mike’s condition is about to take a turn for the worse, and this will put Sonny in a tough spot as he tries to manage these multiple, challenging issues.

Thursday’s episode also brings more with Willow and Chase. She has been worried about what her mother has been up to, sensing that Harmony is once again involved in something bad. General Hospital spoilers share that Willow will speculate about Harmony and her strange behavior of late.

Viewers will see more with Michael and Nelle’s battle over Wiley’s potential surgery during Thursday’s show. In addition, Spinelli has found himself in some trouble, and it looks like Alexis will come to the rescue. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s action ahead on many fronts with the March 26 show, and there’s also plenty of drama on the horizon.

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