‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Spinelli Finds Trouble, Alexis Is Upset With Sam

Spinelli was only trying to help Sam out, but instead he got himself caught on Wednesday’s General Hospital. Coming up on Thursday’s episode, Alexis will be doing her best to bail him out of the situation he finds himself in. She and Sam are both expected to show up to help Spin, but it may be too late for that.

Sam met up with her parole officer at Kelly’s on Wednesday. When asked if she had any contact with Jason recently, Sam told her that they only say “Hi” when they exchange Danny at the Quartermaine’s. Of course, that is a lie since viewers have seen the twosome secretly meeting up several times since Sam was warned to stay away from him. In an effort to keep his mind off of Peter and Maxie, Spinelli decided to play super spy and followed Dolores after she left Sam. According to General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central, he is expected to find himself in a pickle and that was evident by the end of the last episode.

Sam got a call from Dolores stating that her friend is in a compromising position. Spinelli was seen in handcuffs as they were on the phone. It seems that he wasn’t as careful as Sam told him to be.

In the previews for Thursday’s General Hospital, Sam shows up along with Alexis, who asks Dolores if there was any way she would drop the charges. The parole officer didn’t look too thrilled about that request. How will she respond?

On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Spinelli was hoping to get some proof that Dolores was cheating with a local councilman. The two met up at a bar and, somehow, they must have caught on that they were being followed. Now Spinelli and Sam are both in trouble.

Alexis hasn’t been too happy with her daughter lately. She is upset that Sam won’t stop seeing Jason privately and is afraid that she will end up back in jail because of it. Now Sam is involved with her parole officer being followed and that will have Alexis hot under the collar.

Jason and Sam haven’t had much time together recently, as Jason is caught up in the Cyrus mess. Sam has also been trying to ease Molly’s worries about TJ. She hasn’t had much luck in trying to locate him for her sister and Jordan had a lot to do with that.

As for Alexis, she is bound to remind Sam about how dangerous it is to lie and trick her parole officer. Spinelli will likely not be heading to jail, but he and Sam will get a stern warning from both Dolores and Alexis on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital.

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