Journalism students told they must buy Macs

In news that will surely make the folks at Apple very happy the University of Miami’s journalism department, and possibly the public relations department, has told students that they are going to have to switch to Macs whether they like it or not.

As well they are being told that they will have to cough up the money to also pick up a few new software packages. Along with that they will need to purchase audio recorders and cameras that can shoot video.

Some students will also be required to buy a software package, audio recorders and cameras able to shoot video, David Carlson, director of the college’s Center for Media Innovation and Research, said at Tuesday’s town hall.

As reporters become more mobile and self-reliant, he said, such technology is increasingly needed for reporting.

“Journalists are going to need to bring the tools to the job rather than the jobs providing it for them,” he said.

Source: Gainesville Sun Online

According to the college dean, John Wright, the college is negotiating with Apple for discounts on software like Final Cut. The reason for all this being required is that this way the costs can be covered by student finacial aid.

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