‘The Conners’ Spoilers: Becky’s Baby Daddy, Emilio, Returns And Fans Have Some Opinions On It

The ABC sitcom brings back baby Beverly Rose's dad.

Rene Rosado and Lecy Goranson of The Conners
Eric McCandless / ABC

The ABC sitcom brings back baby Beverly Rose's dad.

The Conners will bring back a familiar face this season. Emilio, the father of Becky Conner’s baby, Beverly Rose, will be seen on the show for the first time since last fall, and fans have some definite opinions on his return.

Emilio, played by Rene Rosado, was deported to Mexico before the birth of his daughter last year. The character was seen earlier this season in the episode “The Preemie Monologues” when Becky (Lecy Goranson) spoke to him on a Facetime call after Beverly Rose’s birth. Since that time, Becky has been raising Beverly Rose as a single mother, with some help from the rest of the Conner family.

In a new post to the official Conners Instagram page, Rosado’s Emilio character is seen sitting in a room that appears to be far from the Conner home in Lanford, Illinois. In the caption to the post, Emilio’s return to the show is teased for the upcoming episode “Tats and Tias.”

In comments to the post, fans reacted to Emilio’s return after a five-month absence. Some viewers are hoping that Becky and her baby daddy will get back together.

“Good! Becky needs more good things in her life,” one follower wrote.

“Good he better propose so he can stay there legally,” another person added.

“Awesome, you need to continue that storyline,” another Conners fan noted. “The border is being forgotten and should never be.”

“Shame you nerfed this character for political reasons,” another user wrote. “Hoping you guys let someone be a good dad on this show.”

Unfortunately, it does not appear that Emilio is back in the United States just yet. Not only are most deportees barred from returning to the U.S. for years, but in an episode description posted on the ABC press site, it says the following.

“Jackie suggests Becky reach out to Emilio’s family for support and he gladly suggests she contact the two aunts who helped raise him.”

That makes it seem as though Emilio’s return will be via another Facetime call.

Fans of the show know that Becky has been struggling as a single mother. In a previous interview with CinemaBlend, The Conners star Lecy Goranson said her character would juggle the emotional and financial fallout of her baby’s premature birth. But she also never expected help from her daughter’s deported father whom she barely knows. Becky met Emilio when he worked a low-paying busboy job at the Mexican restaurant where she waitresses.

Goranson noted that while Becky “definitely wants Emilio to be safe and cares about him,” she would probably look for a different type of guy and a more stable relationship.

Becky and Emilio’s parenting situation isn’t the only baby storyline on The Conners. Earlier this season, fans were surprised to see that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) has agreed to have a baby with her boyfriend, Ben (Jay R. Ferguson).