‘The Conners’ Fans React To Surprising Baby Storyline No One Saw Coming

The Conners fans are reacting to baby storyline no one saw coming. In the episode “Brothers, Babies, and Breakdowns,” Darlene (Sara Gilbert) reluctantly agreed to “think” about having a baby with her boyfriend Ben (Jay R. Ferguson), despite spending nine years as a single mother to two “soul-sucking monsters.”

Five months after Becky Conner (Lecy Goranson) welcomed her bundle of joy Beverly Rose, Darlene’s boss-turned-boyfriend has a case of baby fever. He is obsessed with baby Beverly and wants one of his own.

While Darlene is adamant she doesn’t want to “start over” with motherhood, she finally breaks down and makes a contract with Ben that states should they split, he gets full custody — and that includes custody of her older kids Harris (Emma Kenny) and Mark (Ames McNamara).

In comments to a YouTube clip of the surprising baby scene, fans had a mixed reaction about the possibility of Darlene having a third child.

“Ben having a baby is not bad and she is 39 and still healthy and Ben is on board with it,” one fan wrote.

“Please don’t let her get pregnant, if it means he dies, and leaves her alone with the baby…my heart couldn’t take that!” another wrote.

“Ahhh I so think they are a good couple,” a third fan wrote.

Darlene’s surprising turnaround came after she saw how enthralled Ben was with baby Beverly and then eavesdropped on Becky’s baby monitor to hear him talking to the newborn.

“Uncle Ben worries that you’re lonely and that maybe you could use a little cousin to play with,” he said, per a clip posted by Hollywood Life.

Darlene later told her sister that the whole idea is “stupid” because Ben knows she’s “like 100.”

In real life, Sara Gilbert is 45-years-old, but her character is a few years younger.

A 40-something pregnancy is obviously not a new thing on The Conners franchise. During the original Roseanne series, Conners matriarch Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) gave birth to baby Jerry Garcia Conner when she was in her 40s. The Jerry character has seemingly been written out of The Conners spinoff.

In addition, Becky Conner was in her 40s when she gave birth to Beverly Rose last fall.

The pregnancy came as a surprise after Becky was previously preparing to become a surrogate for a woman named Andrea (Sarah Chalke). When she found her low chances of getting pregnant due to her age and other factors, Becky broke down over the idea that she would probably never have kids of her own.

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