Ashleigh Jordan Works Her Booty In Turquoise Figure-Hugging Leggings

Ashleigh Jordan takes a mirror selfie at the gym.
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Ashleigh Jordan took to popular social media site Instagram on Sunday, March 22, to share her most recent at-home workout video. The fitness trainer has recently been posting almost exclusively at-home workout videos to inspire her followers during the coronavirus outbreak that has many people shut in their homes.

The fitness model carries out the workout in her living room, alongside a couple of cats. She wears a white sports bra with cutouts and crisscrossing straps along the back that expose her muscular arms and a sliver of toned tummy. She pairs the top with high-waisted, turquoise leggings that cling to her gym-honed curves and sculpted legs, particularly emphasizing her ample backside. The model decided to forgo shoes for the workout and can be seen wearing a pair of lilac socks.

Ashleigh wears her long, straight blond tresses up in a ponytail that trails down her back and lets a few loose strands hang around her face. She accessorizes with a silver necklace, glitzy earrings, and a diamond ring on her left hand. The Instagram sensation completes the look with black mascara, eyeliner, and glossy lips to make her facial features pop.

The post includes a total of five videos, four of which feature Ashleigh demonstrating a different booty-targeting exercise. In the fifth, she reveals her health tip of the day.

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HOME BOOTY PART I ???? . TAG a friend! . I really don’t think Miss Mila is taking a liking to Lena being in these videos ???? #jealous . Anywaysss, here is part one of a great at home glute workout ???? part two will be posted tomorrow! Decided to switch things up and do a health tip of the day today ???? Since hand sanitizer is MIA, I showed how to make your own! ???????????? Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time! . 1️⃣ Elevated single leg Glute bridge- 4×20 each leg 2️⃣ Squat/reverse lunge- 3×15 each leg 3️⃣ Fire hydrant- 4×20 each leg 4️⃣ Glute bridge hold/abduction- 4×30 5️⃣Health Tip of the Day! . @brettstir ???????? Outfit- @nvgtn Next Launch: April 11th, 10AM est . Song- Way back home- Shaun ft. Conor Maynard _______________________________ #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitlife #workout #workoutmotivation #workoutvideo #homeworkout #glutes #gluteworkout #legday #legworkout #homeworkout #squatbooty #healthylifestyle #happiness #positivevibes #tampa #florida

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In the first video, Ashleigh performs elevated single leg glute bridges, using the coffee table for support. The second exercise is the squat/reverse lunge, one of her classic booty-training moves. The third video features the fire hydrant move, which involves getting down on all fours and lifting each leg up and out. The final exercise is the glute bridge hold/abduction, which calls for the use of an elastic band.

Ashleigh normally gives her followers a fit tip of the day in the final video. However, she decided to switch things up and make it a health tip. In the caption of the post, she explains that as hand sanitizer has been scarce due to the coronavirus outbreak, she wanted to teach her followers how to make their own. Viewers can learn how to do this in her clip.

The fitness trainer’s 3.3 million followers loved the booty-targeting video, leaving nearly 65,000 likes and hundreds of comments in the first several hours of it being posted.

“I’m going to do this now!! Thank you,” one Instagram user commented.

“You are so fantastic, really awesome workouts ALWAAAYS! Stay safe,” another follower wrote.