Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Steals Clothing, Jewelry From ‘Anger Management’ Set

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing clothes and jewelry from the set of Anger Management.

The actress reportedly swiped several items after finishing up her gig with the FX sitcom. A source close to the production told TMZ that Lohan took several items from the show in order to go clubbing.

Insiders told the website that the Mean Girls star made off with a bracelet, necklace, earrings, pants, and shoes from the wardrobe department of the show. A silk bathrobe also went missing from the set.

Although Lindsay Lohan told people associated with the show that producers were taking the cost of the items out of her salary, apparently this wasn’t the case.

The actress’ lawyer Mark Heller told the New York Daily News that these reports are nothing more than rumors designed to get people to watch Anger Management.

He told the website:

“Lindsay has no need to steal jewelry and clothing from anybody. She already has so much wardrobe and jewelry she has to store it in a warehouse! And she knows she’s under a looking glass. Unfortunately, I think they’re trying to create a little buzz to enhance viewership. It’s really reckless.”

While Lohan’s camp said that she did a fantastic job during her stint on the sitcom, sources close to the show said she was a “nightmare” to work with. Cast and crew are said to have applauded when she finally left.

Lohan Allegedly Swipes Clothing From 'Anger Management'

“It’s a shame, because when she actually gets on camera she is good and has comedic timing. But she comes with so much luggage it’s not worth it,” a source explained to E! Online.

The individual added, “From the moment she arrived yesterday she did nothing but hold up the production. She would sit in her trailer and stall and she delayed until she up and left for her boyfriend’s concert.”

What do you think about the rumors that Lindsay Lohan stole items from the set of Anger Management? Is this a publicity stunt or more bad behavior from the actress?

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