July 9, 2014
Mega Millions: Quiet Night In Nationwide Lottery, Jackpot Rises To $32 Million

The Mega Millions nationwide lottery generated very little excitement Tuesday, with the six numbers producing no jackpot winner, no second-prize winner — and less than $2 million in prize money overall across a total of somewhat more than 14 million tickets sold.

In the 54th drawing in a year that has so far seen eight jackpots won, Mega Millions has sold more than 1.2 billion tickets. But Tuesday's total of 14,200,468 was the fourth-lowest sales figure of 2014 and the lowest for a jackpot of more than $20 million.

Tuesday's top jackpot was estimated at $25 million, but with no one hitting all six numbers, the jackpot for Friday's Mega Millions game will be $32 million, if a prospective winner takes the prize in its full amount, which would be paid in 30 annual installments of $1,066,667 before taxes.

The Tuesday Mega Millions drawing also saw no one match the first five numbers, without the Mega Ball, which would have paid $1 million. There were 19 winners of the Mega Millions third prize, which at just $5,000 is not exactly Mega or Millions. That payout comes for matching four of the first five numbers plus the Mega Ball.

Four of those third prize winners bought their Mega Millions tickets in California, where under the state's pari-mutuel payout system, they stand to pocket even less — $3,585 before taxes.

The total prize money won in Tuesday's Mega Millions game was $1,777,748.

There have been two Mega Millions jackpot winners in the past month and neither has claimed the money coming to them. The latest came on July 1 when a single ticket-buyer in Texas won a $33 million jackpot. Because that jackpot was hit just over a week ago, it is no surprise that the winner has yet to come forward.

But the winner of a $66 million Mega Millions jackpot in Mt. Clemens, Michigan — just outside of Detroit — on June 17 is somewhat more unusual in not yet claiming his or her cash.

Sonny Tarhini, owner of Sonny's Mart in Mt. Clemens where the winning ticket was sold, told The Macomb Daily newspaper that he believes that the winner indeed, has identified himself or herself — but not publicly yet.

Michigan State Lottery spokesperson Jeff Holyfield hinted that the winner may have already contacted the lottery commission, but has not yet presented the winning Mega Millions ticket.

"We're saying, 'OK, when are we going to see that ticket?'" Holyfield said. "We're anticipating seeing that person coming forward and telling us his or her story, or perhaps it's a lottery club. We're excited to have a player from Michigan win a jackpot in one of the national games."

Did you win any money in Tuesday's Mega Millions drawing? Check your July 8 ticket against the following numbers, drawn at 10:59 pm in Atlanta, Georgia.

1425274849 Mega Ball 9

The cash value of Friday's Mega Millions jackpot to a winner who chooses to take the money in one, massive payment, is estimated at $18.3 million.