Miley Cyrus Channels ‘Hannah Montana’ Character During Coronavirus Pandemic To Spotlight Social Distancing

On Saturday, Miley Cyrus headed to Instagram to use one of her Hannah Montana television moments to illustrate behavior akin to what is happening during the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, she continued along the same course.

While her focus had previously been about self-imposed quarantine, a more recent update from the star highlighted the concept of social distancing.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer used her sitcom’s alter ego, also named Miley, to illustrate hoarding at its worse while hoping to make her point.

In the clip, the spoiled teen who rocked a blue newsboy cap had purchased an abundance of items from a number of stores. After her stuff arrived at her home, the fictional Miley depended on her friend Lilly (played by Emily Osment) to help bring in and distribute the goods.

Although Miley considered the situation “an emergency,” the overburdened Lilly did not. Putting one of the packages on her head and loaded down with way too many bags, she asked where her spendthrift buddy wanted her to put her massive amount of purchases.

Miley noticed the stress her ultra shopping spree had caused, but she just repeated herself by calling the quest to buy what she did “a big emergency.”

In her mind, Miley was trying to help Lilly understand her desire to buy so many new and likely unnecessary acquisitions. Obviously, that attempt was not going to reap the desired effect.

The real Miley wrote about this overabundant style of shopping, stating that “NO ONE needs every soup in the store” in the long caption accompanying her update.

After that, she explained that if hoarding continues in a real sense then necessities will be hard, if not impossible, to come by. If that happens, certain people will not be able to access essentials like water and toilet paper.

The actress emphasized her lesson by telling her 105.4 million fans that they should “think twice before following the fear,” and to take the lead by being considerate of others during this troubled time.

Miley’s Instagram update immediately earned nearly 107,000 likes — including one from her sister Brandi Cyrus — and more than 880 comments within less than 30 minutes of going live.

Some followers used emoji to speak for them, while others wrote out their thoughts.

“Dab when you cough, dab when you sneeze, dab to beat coronavirus,” stated one fan.

“Thank you! Being selfish won’t save you. We’re all in this together,” remarked a second follower, who added a string of sparkling pink heart emoji.

“We don’t deserve u!” said a third admirer.

“Thank you for sharing this!!” exclaimed a fourth social media user.