'Insecure' Season 4 Teaser Revisits The Lives Of Fan Favorites After A Two-Year Hiatus

Issa Rae recently shared a snippet of what fans of HBO's Insecure can expect for its much-anticipated fourth season.

After taking a break from the show to work on other projects, The Photograph star and her team are ready to reveal what's in store for the 10-episode season. The two-minute clip, which was posted on the show's Instagram page, shows Rae's character, Issa Dee, as she navigates trying to run a block party. Dee came up with the idea in Season 3 after she decided to quit her job.

Fans of the show were also able to see that Dee's best friends Molly (Yvonne Orji), Kelli (Natasha Rothwell), and Tiffany (Amanda Seales) are also around for all Dee's shenanigans. The central character's ex-boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) is also back and has a new love interest, who happens to be working on the block party with Dee.

According to Rolling Stone, Insecure is set to pick up where the characters left off in Season 3. A representative for HBO said that each of the show's "favorite characters" will have their own moment of reflection in the upcoming season. The characters will also "evaluate their relationships, both new and old," in the season.

"Season four follows the main characters in the aftermath of the decisions they made in the last season," the season's synopsis reads. "Issa pursues a passion project she actually cares about, Molly navigates a real relationship for the first time, Lawrence figures out what leveling-up means for him, and we see the effect of Tiffany's new baby on the dynamic of the friend group. Along the way, we'll see these characters evaluating relationships, both new and old, in an effort to figure out who and what comes with them in this next phase of their lives."

While Issa will be working on a project she cares about, the new gig will come with sacrifices she will have to make. In the clip, she is acting as her own assistant as she receives phone calls concerning the upcoming block party. She also shared in the teaser that while she is running the block party, she doesn't have an actual day job. Things become so stressful at one point that Issa's mirror alter ego, "Mirror B*tch," jokingly says she can't motivate her because she has her own issues.

Rae previously discussed how it was important for her to halt production while she and her cast were working on other things. She said she didn't want to burn herself out and not tell the show's stories in a good way. The new season of Insecure is set to air on Sunday, April 12. The 10-episode arc will be a change from the show's usual eight episodes.