'One Piece' Chapter 974 Spoilers: Traitor Inside Straw Hat Pirates Alliance Finally Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 974 has yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. According to ones posted to Reddit, the upcoming chapter of One Piece will finally return to the current timeline. There, the Straw Hat Pirates alliance's plan to raid Onigashima is sabotaged by Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, the Beast Pirates, and Emperor Kaido. It is also set to reveal the identity of the traitor inside the Straw Hat Pirates alliance.

In the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 974, Kanjuro made huge revelations to the other members of the Nine Red Scabbards while they were on their way to Onigashima. Kanjuro told them that he was the one feeding Shogun Orochi vital information about their plan. At first, Kinemon thought that Kanjuro was just fooling around, especially after recalling that both of them were almost executed in a giant boiling pot 20 years ago. However, Kinemon and the others started to believe Kanjuro after hearing the words that came out of his mouth.

Kanjuro revealed that, since he was a child, he had lost his emotions and was looking for a place to die. Kanjuro said that the Kanjuro they knew didn't exist -- and that he is really a loyal servant of Shogun Orochi. While the Nine Red Scabbards were having an intense conversation, Chapter 974 will show several Beast Pirates ships approaching their tiny boat. One of them revealed that Shogun Orochi ordered them to look for a boat heading to the Onigashima, and asked Kanjuro if he was the spy inside the Straw Hat Pirates alliance.

Upon confirming that he really is on the enemy's side, an angry Kinemon unleashed his sword and chopped at Kanjuro's head. However, Kanjuro managed to survive the attack and escaped with Kozuki Momonosuke. Kanjuro said that he originally planned to die with the Nine Red Scabbards on their way to Onigashima, but Shogun Orochi ordered him to keep them alive for now.

The spoilers also featured Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido having a conversation about the Nine Red Scabbards and their plan to take them down. Emperor Kaido couldn't believe there really was a devil fruit ability that enabled people to travel into the future. However, he started to believe Shogun Orochi when he showed him a letter. Emperor Kaido agreed with Shogun Orochi's plan to take down the Nine Red Scabbards, but he wants to keep them alive to ask them important questions.

One Piece Chapter 974 spoilers featured three members of the Worst Generation as well -- Monkey D. Luffy of the Straw Hat Pirates, Trafalgar D. Water Law of the Heart Pirates, and Eustass "Captain" Kid of the Kid Pirates. Though they are all aiming to find One Piece and become the next Pirate King, Luffy, Law, and Kid decided to temporarily set aside their rivalry and join forces in order to defeat one of the Four Emperors of the Sea.