Charlie Daniels Recovering From Pacemaker Surgery

Country music legend Charlie Daniels is recovering from pacemaker surgery. The 76-year-old musician underwent pacemaker implant surgery at a Nashville, Tennessee hospital on Thursday. A rep for Daniels announced on Thursday that the surgery was a success and Daniels is recovering nicely.

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” singer was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia on Monday morning. After testing, doctors determined that Charlie required a pacemaker to regulate his heart rate.

In a press release, the music legend revealed:

“I just had not been feeling well and wanted to get checked out. I am thankful the doctors found the problem and were able to implant a pacemaker to get my heart rate regulated. I am feeling so much better and looking forward to spending Easter with my family.”

If his recovery continues on schedule, Charlie Daniels is expected to be released from the hospital on Friday.

Daniels will spend Easter at home with family, and his doctors have asked that he remain at home for two weeks, enough time to complete his recovery.

The Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1979, Charlie Daniels has enjoyed a long and respected career, not only as a solo artist but also as a backing musician on some of southern rock and countries biggest albums. Daniels has worked with Hank Williams Jr., Montgomery Gentry, and various other artists.

Even a new generation of music lovers have embraced the enigmatic singers stylings after he was included on the hit video game series Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. In the video game, Daniels was given the last coveted spot against the final boss.

Love him or hate him it is almost guaranteed that you’ll have “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” in your head all day. And now that Charlie Daniels’ pacemaker is successfully implanted, we expected to get that song stuck in our heads for many years to come.

[Image via Joe Schneid]