‘The Bachelor’ Fans Blast Peter Weber’s ‘Manipulative’ Mom And Her Over-The-Top Meltdown About Hannah Ann

John FleenorABC

The Bachelor fans are freaking out following the epic meltdown by Peter Weber’s mom on the penultimate episode of the ABC reality show. As a tear-filled confrontation between Peter and his mom, Barbara Weber, played out, fans were stunned to find that The Bachelor star’s mom pulled out all the stops to pressure him to choose Hannah Ann Sluss over Madison Prewett.

The scene, which has been teased all season, featured Barbara bawling over Hannah Ann, whom she described as “an angel on Earth” and a “dream come true” after meeting her for the first time during Monday’s episode.

Barbara described Hannah Ann as a “gem” as she told her son that God had answered her prayers and put the “right” person in his path. She begged Peter to bring Hannah Ann “home to us.”

Barbara also had some words for Madison and her issues with Peter’s intimacy with other women during his season of The Bachelor. During a tense chat, Mama Weber told Madison that she doesn’t want anyone to change her son. While she said she respects Madison for her values, Barbara made it clear that if Peter wanted to get physical with other girls during his Bachelor journey, that was his right.

Madison clapped back at Barbara as she defended her own standards for a future husband. She later told Peter she didn’t think they would make it as a couple, and she self-eliminated herself from The Bachelor star’s life before the final rose ceremony.

While Peter did attempt to put his mom in her place, it wasn’t enough for fans of the rose-filled reality show. In comments to The Bachelor’s YouTube video of the mama drama, fans accused Peter’s mom of shaming Madison and emotionally blackmailing Peter with her crocodile tears. Some compared Barbara and her meddling to the title character in the movie Monster-in-Law.

“No wonder Peter equates a woman crying with love,” one commenter wrote. “That’s how his mother has manipulated him to do her will his whole life.”

“Seriously????” another wrote. “How old are you, Barbara?? Peter’s not a toddler for you to meddle so blatantly in his life. There’s no boundaries!”

“This was sickening,” a third fan added. “Barb is incredibly theatric and manipulative with her tears. Wouldn’t ever want her for a mother-in-law.”

“Poor Peter,” a fourth Bachelor viewer wrote. “His family is soooooooo manipulative. I understand now why he is so confused. Peter has been emotionally abused for a long time by his mother.”

Other fans told Peter he’s going to need therapy after his mom’s shenanigans.

The second half of the live The Bachelor finale airs Tuesday night.