March 9, 2020
Blake Shelton Reveals Why Kelly Clarkson Is Having A 'Tougher Time' On 'The Voice' Season 18

Blake Shelton has admitted that Kelly Clarkson is having a rougher time of things on The Voice this season as she takes on her fifth consecutive season as a coach. The country star opened up about how things have been going so far during the latest round of shows, which started airing on NBC last month, as he confessed that not every contestant has been picking the mom of two to be their coach this time around.

The country star made the confession while speaking to ABC News Radio Online as he joked that Kelly has been feeling a little "depressed" on the show because she hasn't been getting all of the contestants she's turned her chair for.

"Kelly is still up to her old tricks. I think the artists who audition for this show, who watch the show, they're kind of onto her, though," Blake teased of what Kelly's been up to this season, shortly after a hilarious video surfaced that showed the talented "Since U Been Gone" singer almost thrown from her spinning chair after it malfunctioned.

"She has a little tougher time this season getting people on her team than she's ever had before," the star -- who's the only person to appear on every single season of the show to date -- then revealed.

"In fact, there was a day or two she was starting to get depressed, which made me very happy."
As for who has been getting a few more contestants on their team, Blake admitted that new coach Nick Jonas has actually been stealing quite a few contestants away during his first stint on the show while returning coach John Legend is also still a hit with auditionees three seasons in.

"He never really has to compete that hard to get people on his team," the coach teased of the "All Of Me" singer and his popularity when it comes to the contestants, before adding that even he still hasn't got everyone he wanted during Season 18.

"But with Nick here, he gets humbled a few times," Blake said, after the Jonas Brothers singer recently opened up about the true nature of his relationship with the "God's Country" singer after the two showed off some banter both on and off set following Blake jokes that he has been "bullying" him.

The singer also opened up about his strategy when it comes to finding good talent during the Blind Auditions, which are currently airing on NBC, and how he decides who he wants to turn his chair for.

"All I really do is just hit my button for anybody that I think is great, or that I can imagine hearing on the radio," Blake told the outlet.

The Voice Season 18 airs on NBC.