Oscar Pistorius Is Not Planning To Race Anytime Soon

Oscar Pistorius has no plans to race anytime soon. A judge recently gave permission for the accused murderer known as “Blade Runner” to compete, but that doesn’t look to be happening.

Under terms of the deal, Pistorious could travel outside of South Africa but only if he gave the court at least one week’s notice.

The deal requires a court in South Africa to hold onto Pistorius’ passport until time of travel. After returning to South Africa, his passport must be handed back over to the court within 24 hours.

The 26-year olds rep spoke with TMZ on Thursday and revealed: “Oscar does not intend to compete. He merely challenged the travel restrictions imposed, since he was not considered a flight risk during the bail hearing.”

Oscar’s rep adds: “At this point in time there are no plans for him to travel at all.”

Small victories in a court case can work wonders on public perception of a defendant, which is likely why Pistorius’ legal team challenged his bail restrictions.

While he does not plan to travel at this time, Pistorius’ agent, Peet van Zyl, told the Associated Press, “Based on this (judge’s decision), and if he is up for it and qualifies, the world championships will definitely be on the radar.”

Oscar Pistorius won the 400 meters final at the London Paralympics in September 2012, but he has not been “seen on a track” for the last nine weeks.

Also lifted by a judge this week were restrictions that Pistorius could not return to his house and had to report regularly to a police station. Based on the judge’s decisions, Pistorious’ legal defense has been successful in all of its appeals to date.

Do you think Oscar Pistorius should be able to travel outside of South Africa while his murder case is still in full swing?