Toddler Mauled To Death By 7 Dogs in Georgia

Bryan County, GA – A Georgia family is reeling from the loss of a 2-year-old toddler mauled by seven dogs in her own backyard Wednesday afternoon.

Monica Renee Laminack was killed by seven dogs, all of which were pit bulls. The girl’s grandmother looked out the window after waking up and saw the attack taking place. She and others rushed outside to pull the dogs off the child and called the police.

Bryan County Deputy Sheriff James Beatty told the Savannah Morning News that police responded to a 911 call at 6:24 pm, but the little girl’s body was already cold by the time they arrived. The body’s temperature indicated that the girl had been dead for a while.

All seven dogs were put down by Bryan County Animal Control in the backyard. The family took care of two additional dogs that were not pit bulls and were not involved in the attack. Their lives were spared.

While no one is sure how the 2-year-old girl ended up in the backyard with the dogs, the family suspects that her 12-year-old brother may have taken her outside to play. He either forgot she was there or thought she returned to the front yard. Another possibility was that the toddler simply exited through the doggy door that her body was small enough to fit through.

“All the dogs had access to the house, nine dogs in all,” Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith told the local paper. “She habitually played with dogs, all of them. But they drug her all over the yard. Something turned them on her. We don’t know what.”

The attack on the toddler came two days after a 14-year-old British girl was mauled by dogs on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The teenager was visiting a friend whose dogs were considered aggressive and out of control.

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