Kamala Harris Officially Endorses Joe Biden Ahead Of Next Swath Of Democratic Primaries

Rumors have been swirling for a little over a week now that Joe Biden has been talking about Kamala Harris joining his ticket. On Sunday morning, just ahead of another large swath of Democratic primaries on March 10, Harris officially threw her support behind the former vice president. The announcement came after Harris arrived in Alabama in order to take part in the commemoration of Bloody Sunday. Endorsing through both an official press release and a video she posted on her official Twitter account, Harris’ backing is the latest shot in the arm for the Biden campaign just as he’s become the presumptive frontrunner.

In the video announcement, Harris first talked about her plans to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge alongside civil rights icon and longtime U.S. Congressman John Lewis. She said preparations for the 55th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history had her thinking about all the things that haven’t been accomplished yet to help make America the beacon it can be.

She added that this line of thought convinced her it was time to endorse Biden because she believes he can help get that done. She also said it was time to elect someone who really cares about other people, and Kamala Harris truly believes that is Joe Biden.

Harris’ official endorsement adds to the consolidation of power and support behind the former VP, and continues to mean isolation for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Among those presidential candidates who have dropped out in the last few weeks, none have officially thrown their support behind Sanders.

While some of the senator’s supporters believe this is a kind of conspiracy for the “status quo,” political analysts have posited a theory that’s been around almost since the primary season began — that Joe Biden is the candidate that can attract moderates and undecided voters the best. That, in turn, is the strategy that can unseat Donald Trump come November.

Tuesday, March 10 is yet another big day in the race to the Democratic nomination. Missouri, Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, North Dakota, and Washington state will all be voting. The biggest prize among the group is Michigan which has 125 delegates to pledge. Site 270towin shows Sanders holding a slight edge in the polling average, although that lead is within the margin of error.

It’s actually the Tuesday after next, March 17, that could go a long way towards really determining the frontrunner in the race. Florida will hold its primary that day and will dole out 217 delegates. Joe Biden currently leads in the polls in the Sunshine State, according to Newsweek. As the race for the nomination heats up heading towards spring, analysts will be watching closely what endorsements, like those from Kamala Harris, do for the Biden campaign.

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