Joe Biden Rumored To Be Considering Kamala Harris As Running Mate After South Carolina Primary Win

The Joe Biden campaign has new life after the former vice president’s South Carolina Democratic primary win. The candidate is so excited about what the win means for his political future, he called the campaign “resurrected” in his victory speech. Now, rumors that he might be considering asking Kamala Harris to join the campaign as his eventual running mate has some corners of social media excited about a prolonged run towards the nomination and a victory over current front runner, Bernie Sanders.

As Bill Palmer of The Palmer Report pointed out, Biden has talked in the recent past about wanting Harris to work with him. While he didn’t explicitly say as his vice presidential candidate, the Saturday victory could spur “the announcement.”

Palmer does point out that Biden claimed he’d have to talk to Harris about what spot she would want in his administration. Instead of vice president, she might want the Attorney General spot instead. If that happens, the writer thinks Stacey Abrams could be next in line for the spot.

While that report seems unsure if and when the call will be made, other analysts were very clear the talk of a team-up has them thinking it could be a big blow to the other candidates in the race.

Jon Cooper, a former campaign chair for Barack Obama and the current chairman of the Democratic Coalition posted on Twitter that he believes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are likely having “a long chat tonight.” CNN analyst Bakari Sellers didn’t posit any theories on whether or not an announcement is coming soon, but he did tweet out he’d love to see that ticket, calling Biden/Harris “special.”

Bloomberg illustrates why the South Carolina primary win was so important for Biden. With the victory, the former vice president picked up 28 delegates with Bernie Sanders gathering seven. That has catapulted Biden into second place over Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg. The results are still coming in on Saturday night and as of 9:30 pm, there are still 30 delegates left to be handed out.

That means there is a chance Sanders could fall into second place before the weekend is out and Biden would have quite a bit of momentum heading into Super Tuesday. As Palmer points out, there are positives and negatives for announcing a running mate this early, with so much still in doubt. The biggest negative, especially from Harris’ point of view, is that it would be near impossible for her to be the running mate for any other candidate should Joe Biden fade. What his next move with his current momentum will be is something that will be watched closely over the next few days.

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