A McDonald's Employee Allegedly Bashed A Customer In The Head With A Coffee Pot After A Drive-Thru Dispute

A 24-year-old McDonald's employee named Emonie Reed from Bronx, New York was taken into police custody last week when she allegedly used a coffee pot filled with hot water to bash a customer in the head. Now, Reed is telling her side of the story, according to NBC News.

Reed was working in the drive-thru window on Thursday night when an unnamed man described as being in his 30s came through to collect his food after ordering. While it wasn't revealed what their argument was about, Reed told police that she and the man got into some sort of verbal dispute that led to him spitting at her. She retaliated by striking him with the coffee pot. The man sustained a deep wound on his neck from the assault, and the police arrived at the scene immediately after.

The man was taken to the hospital to get treated for his injuries and remained there in stable condition as of Friday evening. Meanwhile, Reed is still in jail and was charged on Friday with two counts of assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon. When the story was shared on the Today Show's Facebook page, many people were conflicted regarding whether or not Reed's actions were just.

Some people believed Reed should have just walked away if the man was being unruly and avoided the whole fiasco. However, others think her actions were valid and that she was only defending herself.

"Omg! To spit on someone has to be the grossest thing out. I think that reaction is hugely normal, anyone would react after such treatment. What she did will never be right but spitting on someone is just unacceptable," one person wrote.

"Good on her to fight back after this disgusting man spit on her. Who knows what he would have done next. Clear self-defense, but the real shock is that HE wasn't arrested. There is no excuse for his behavior and smashing a coffee pot on his head was simply the least she could do," wrote another.

This is, of course, not the first time that violence has broken out between customers and staff at a McDonald's restaurant. As The Inquisitr previously reported, in 2017 three female customers crossed over the counter barrier to attack an employee over a dispute regarding their ice cream order. They were not pleased when they ordered ice cream only to be told the machine was down that day.