Melania Trump Defends Herself Despite Online Critics: ‘Do Something Good And Productive’

First lady Melania Trump recently took criticism for posting a photo of her and two other women working on renovations to the White House tennis pavilion amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although many slammed her for being out of touch, Melania responded on Twitter on Saturday and doesn’t appear fazed.

“I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative & question my work at the @WhiteHouse to take time and contribute something good & productive in their own communities,” she tweeted, ending with #BeBest, a reference to her public awareness campaign that focuses on promoting youth well-being and advocating against drug abuse and cyberbullying.

Much like her first tweet, Melania’s response appeared to draw more criticism than praise from the social media community.

“How is building a private tennis pavilion contributing to your community?” one user wrote.

“Good to know that the Third Lady is just as petty and spiteful as our corroded president,” wrote another.

“I won’t be mean to you. I just wish you hold EVERYONE to the #BeBest campaign you supposedly started,” another chimed in.

Despite a large amount of negativity, others were more receptive to the first lady’s positivity.

“That is great advice, they would feel much better about themselves as well,” one supporter wrote.

As reported by People, Melania’s tweet was rare form for her, as she doesn’t often respond to criticism and has spent her time in the White House largely avoiding controversy.

The pavilion in Melania’s original tweet was announced last fall and was allegedly funded by private donations. According to a news release from the previous year, the recreational space is to be a gathering area that future presidential families can enjoy. The 49-year-old former fashion model claimed that the architectural inspiration for the project is the White House, and the result will complement and contribute to the People’s House.

Per The Hill, Melania spoke at the International Women of Courage Awards at the State Department in Washington on Wednesday and expressed pride for what the U.S. does for women. Not everyone feels the same of the country’s accomplishments in this regard.

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently took aim at Melania during an interview on Watch What Happens Live. In particular, she pointed to Melania’s Be Best initiative and suggested that she should start inside her own home.

Clinton’s remark was a reference to one of the initiative’s primary goals, which is to encourage youth to stop using social media to attack and harass their peers. Critics point to Donald Trump, Melania’s husband, as a prime example of someone who engages in such behavior.

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