Hillary Clinton Tells Melania Trump To ‘Look Closer To Home’ In Campaign To End Cyberbullying

Hillary Clinton is offering some advice for First Lady Melania Trump’s much-criticized campaign to end cyberbullying — start inside your own home.

As The Hill reported, Clinton offered her thought’s on Melania’s “Be Best” wellness initiative that calls on youth to stop using social media to launch bullying attacks against their peers. In an interview on Watch What Happens Live to promote the release of her Hulu documentary Hillary, the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said that Melania should start with her own family.

“I think she should look closer to home,” Hillary said.

The “Be Best” initiative has come under sharp criticism as President Donald Trump regularly uses Twitter to launch mean-spirited attacks against his perceived opponents and those who have been critical of him. Some have called out Melania directly when Donald makes particularly biting attacks, including when the president attacked teen climate activist Greta Thunberg after she was named Time’s Person of the Year late last year.

A day after Clinton’s criticism, Melania Trump defended the “Be Best” initiative while speaking at the Justice Department’s National Opioid Summit. Melania has led an outreach campaign to families affected by the opioid epidemic during her time in the White House, and on Friday tied those efforts in with the work of the “Be Best” initiative.

“Since its launch, I have used my initiative to shine a light on programs that show what it means to Be Best,” she said, via the Express.

Melania added that the campaign is meant to highlight the small actions people can take to lift up others and help communities.

“This can be showing a simple act of kindness, providing care where there is need, or teaching something valuable, my initiative is meant to promote the positive actions happening in our communities so they can be replicated throughout the country and across the world,” she said.

After her criticism of Melania and the way the first lady handles her own household, Clinton had a bit of self-effacing humor as well. When a member of the Watch What Happens Live audience asked Hillary what she thought about Melania very noticeably swatting away her husband’s hand when he tries to hold hands in public, Clinton had a quick retort.

“I am the last person to comment on anybody’s relationship,” she said with a smile, an apparent reference to her very public marital woes as husband Bill Clinton had an affair while in office that lead to his impeachment.

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