British Couple Caught Having Noisy Sex In McDonald’s Toilet


A couple were caught having sex in an English McDonald’s toilet in the middle of the afternoon.

The duo caused a storm in the fast-food restaurant leaving families with children outraged after shocked mothers walked into the ladies’ toilet to find a man and a woman having sex on the floor at around 5.30pm.

One of the witnesses, a 42-year-old mother-of-two who visited the restaurant with her 10-year-old son and 22-year-old daughter last Thursday, remarked, “People had gone in and started coming back from the toilet with a horrified look on their faces. My daughter then went herself. She told me that they were at it on the floor.”

It has been reported that the couple, who were smartly-dressed, walked into the establishment, which is located in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, smiling and then snuck away to the toilets.

The mother also noted, “They should be absolutely disgusted with themselves, doing it in McDonald’s of all places. It’s a kid’s restaurant for heaven’s sake! If it had been an adult restaurant it wouldn’t have been so bad.”

She then advised, “They should be named and shamed. It’s a disgrace.”

Describing the pair, she pointed out, “They were suited and booted. The lady was in a skirt suit and the man was in a suit as well. They looked maybe mate-30s, not even young – old enough to know better anyway.”

The woman then alerted the management in the establishment, who ordered security to escort the couple from the building.

A McDonald’s spokesman confirmed the event, stating, “We can confirm that a couple were found behaving inappropriately in our toilets.”

He then added, “As a family restaurant, we take this very seriously and the couple were immediately asked to leave by our security team. Our security team acted immediately and the couple left straight away.”

What do you think should happen to this boisterous couple?