Super Tuesday 2020 Voting Results: Where To Find Live Totals From All 15 Contests

Voters from 14 states and American Samoa will take to the polls on Super Tuesday to cast their ballots, and those who want to follow voting results from what could be the biggest day in the Democratic primary will have a few different options.

The contests on Tuesday include a range of states, from the deep south to the Northeast to the West, with the biggest prizes in California and Texas. Close to 40 percent of all delegates in the contest will be awarded on Tuesday, with the possibility that the 2020 presidential frontrunner will be clear by Wednesday.

As The Inquisitr reported, the race has seen a major shift in the last few days. After a string of poor performances in the first three contests, former Vice President Joe Biden surged back with a bigger-than-expected win in the South Carolina primary that brought him to within striking distance of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' delegate lead and gave Biden the most votes overall.

Going into Super Tuesday, polls showed that Biden was favored to win seven of the 14 states and had closed the gap with Sanders in California. The departure of two other fellow moderates in Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg and their endorsements of Biden has also improved his standing.

As Sarah Frostensen of FiveThirtyEight noted, projections for Super Tuesday that once had Sanders taking a significant delegate lead now show Biden ahead.

"This means the Super Tuesday landscape has changed a lot since yesterday," Frostensen wrote in a live blog ahead of the Super Tuesday results.

"Biden now looks poised to amass more delegates (484), on average, than Sanders (463) — but that's just 21 delegates separating them. And our model is not all-knowing! There are still a number of scenarios that could happen, including a wildcard with [Elizabeth] Warren or [Michael] Bloomberg that we haven't accounted for."

The departures of Klobuchar and Buttigieg in the days before Super Tuesday also creates the possibility of more uncertainty, experts say, as it will further split delegates and allow both Biden and Warren to cross the 15 percent threshold to earn statewide delegates in a number of races where they had been below that mark in polls.

Those looking for live voting totals from The Associated Press can find the full slate of contests and a county-by-county breakdown of voting totals at the New Yorker. Full coverage can also be found in the ABC News live stream above.