Watch 'The Voice' Coach Kelly Clarkson Almost Get Thrown Off After Her Chair Malfunctions

Kelly Clarkson was almost thrown to the ground during the latest episode of The Voice after her red spinning chair malfunctioned and nearly flung her off of it during an audition. The drama all went down during the set of Blind Auditions, which aired on NBC on March 2, and saw the coach clinging on for dear life when her chair began to turn back around while she was still standing.

As reported by Yahoo! Entertainment, Kelly almost suffered what would have been a very public fall after she turned her chair for hopeful Samuel Wilco. Both Kelly and fellow coach Nick Jonas pressed the button and turned their chairs as Samuel belted out his version of Stevie Wonder's "Lately."

After a performance ends, the remaining coaches' chairs are then supposed to turn around to join those who pressed their buttons to get their first look at the singer.

However, the chairs suffered a malfunction this time, and Kelly and Nick's seats instead started to turn away from the stage while Blake Shelton and John Legend's stayed completely still.

Kelly and Nick were still on their feet after giving Samuel a big standing ovation, and the mom of two let out a shriek as her chair began to spin back around. The "Miss Independent" singer held on tight to her podium and bent down in an attempt to stop herself from being spun off and onto the floor.

"Y'all! Quit messing with me! I'm in heels!" Kelly then shouted from her seat, while both Blake and John looked on, with the latter noting that it was a "chair malfunction" as both of their seats remained facing away from the stage.

Nick adapted to the scenario a little easier, as he stayed steady with his feet flat on the ground but also held onto his podium with both hands.

One of the production team ran over to Kelly and held out their hand to help her step down from her chair in her high heels.

She then joked, "Why y'all trying to mess with me," as all the coaches had to peek around the side of their chairs to see Samuel.

Fortunately, both Kelly and Nick were just fine after the incident, though this isn't the first time things have gotten a little crazy for the Season 18 coaches as they audition new talent.

As The Inquisitr reported last month, Blake admitted that the show has been thrown into "chaos" ever since the Jonas Brothers star joined the show as a coach for the currently airing season.