‘Dark’ Gameplay Trailer Gives Us Vampire Action [Video]

'Dark' gives us vampire stealth action in a new trailer

Dark has a gameplay trailer promising vampire action.

Dark appears at first to feature another hooded protagonist along the lines of Assassin’s Creed or Prototype. We learn that the protagonist is a vampire who has to use stealth to take down his victims in a sort of Metal Gear Solid way. You have powers as a vampire in Dark, like the ability to grab someone’s shadow and use it to attack them.

This game appears to be taking what Twilight did to vampires and turning it back around to make them killers to be feared again. It seems to have a Batman: Arkham Asylum feel to it with its dark overtones and reliance on stealth to get through the game.

Get ready to experience stealth, possession powers, executions and more.

The trailer starts with the voice-over by the protagonist, “It all began in darkness.” We see what appears to be some kind of glowing angel floating behind a hooded vampire as he’s looking up from his meal. A blurb in the same sequence says, “One of the most surprising titles at Gamescon 2012 – Hooked Gamers.”

The voice-over continues, “I woke to a world of pain.” We see him walking among ornate pillars with dim lights in what appears to be a church. “Eric.” We then see him sneaking along a pathway with a newsstand or something on one side and a rail on the other. Then he runs his hands through his hair and we see a glowing angel floating over a bench. “Eric Bane.” We see him struggling with a victim as another blurb says, “Dark holds the potential to compete with AAA games – Examiner.”

The voice-over for the Dark trailer adds, “It shot through my head like a bullet.”

We see the hooded vampire grab someone’s shadow and kill him with it before a collection of action scenes of his takedowns.

He says, “It was my name.”

The rest of the trailer is below. Dark is coming to Xbox 360 and PC in June.

What do you think of the vampire action trailer for Dark?