‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Laura’s Going After Cyrus

Mobster Cyrus Renault has been pulling the strings for his organization from behind bars at Pentonville, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Mayor Laura Spencer Collins is going to step in and try to put a stop to it. Things got ugly during Friday’s show as Cyrus’ henchmen tried to take down Taggert and this will have major ramifications during the week of March 2.

According to SheKnows Soaps, word about what happened at the warehouse will spread quickly. Taggert will be rushed to the emergency room at General Hospital and spoilers indicate that Laura will be confrontational as she sorts through what happened. Before long, she gathers the necessary details about Cyrus and his organization and given what happened at the warehouse, she won’t hesitate to intervene any longer.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest reveals General Hospital spoilers about what’s ahead. Laura will rush to GH as soon as she hears about the shooting and it seems she’ll waste little time in going from there to Pentonville. Laura will make her way to the cell where Cyrus is and she won’t mince words.

It seems that Laura will want to see the face of the mobster who is terrorizing her town. Very quickly, she’ll use her position as mayor and her connections with the Pentonville warden to push to have Cyrus moved to solitary. Her hope with this will be to hamper his efforts to pass along orders to his men.

Of course, Laura is no stranger to being exposed to the mob world. However, this is a major crisis for her as mayor and it requires her to handle things differently. General Hospital spoilers point out that as she makes moves to try to curtail the terror coming from Cyrus, she will also have to look a bit closer to home. She cautioned Sonny that this brewing mob war could put their friendship in a difficult spot and it sounds as if that’ll absolutely be the case in the days ahead.

General Hospital spoilers signal that Sonny will take his previous conversation about this with Laura seriously. She cautioned him that she wouldn’t be playing favorites if she had to get involved in the situation. In the coming days, Sonny will try to figure out how to take care of this escalating problem and he may have to change course in how he hopes to accomplish his goals.

Jason and Sonny already talked about perhaps using their Pentonville sources to get rid of Cyrus, but they hadn’t made any firm decisions about that yet. Now that Trina and Cameron were kidnapped and Taggert was shot, they may decide that they have to move forward quickly and decisively.

The week ahead will be an intense and wild one, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there may be more casualties before Cyrus is exterminated as a threat. Nearly everybody in Port Charles is going to be touched by this mob war in one way or another and both Sonny and Laura are facing major challenges in trying to get this under control.