New ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Deepen Suspicions That Cyrus Will Soon Go After TJ

Friday brings a continuation of the awkward situation involving Molly and TJ on General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that they’ll both feel heartbroken as she says no to an engagement, and new teasers hint that this may be foreshadowing bigger trouble coming soon.

Viewers will see more of Molly and TJ’s devastating discussion during Friday’s show, but it sure doesn’t look as if this is going to have a happy ending at this point. Whether this is the end of this relationship or not is unknown at the moment. However, General Hospital spoilers seem to be hinting that the pair’s status may change in the weeks ahead when trouble arises.

As this proposal storyline built, fans started to see signs that might hint at trouble for TJ. Jordan went to Pentonville to see Cyrus and he ominously referenced TJ. This got fans buzzing about what Cyrus might have in mind in terms of getting revenge on Jordan, and new General Hospital spoilers appear to reinforce those worries.

Cyrus had his henchman kidnap Trina and Cameron as he made his next move against Taggert. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be injuries during this confrontation, but it does seem that Taggert, Curtis, Cameron, and Trina will all ultimately be okay.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the mob war isn’t going to end with this warehouse encounter. It seems that this back-and-forth with Sonny and Cyrus gunning after one another will continue, and new General Hospital spoilers hint that something big comes with the episode set to air on Wednesday, March 11.

During that episode, Molly will be pushing Jordan to provide information. The next day, Aunt Stella will be popping up, and she’ll be visiting Curtis. In addition, Jordan will be rocked and overwhelmed by something that is happening.

While those tidbits don’t definitively reveal that something bad happens to TJ, it does seem quite possible. Fans have a hunch that something bad is on the horizon for TJ, and they’re not happy about it.

“Awe Molly is breaking all… our hearts. Cyrus better leave TJ alone!” exclaimed one General Hospital fan.

“I have a feeling TJ is going to get hurt and they have Molly finding out TJ been hurt she crying by his bedside which is going to make her change her mind about marry TJ,” detailed another viewer.

“Yup. Cyrus gonna send his goons after TJ. He already got Taggert’s kid, now he gotta send a message to Jordan. And this is also how she will come to the conclusion that she has to work with Sonny,” predicted someone else.

Will TJ make it through whatever difficulties are on the horizon? Will an attack from Cyrus make Molly rethink what she wants in terms of her future? General Hospital spoilers hint that this mob battle is going to intensify quite a bit in the coming weeks, and fans will be anxious to know whether TJ will end up being a casualty of his mother’s past decisions.

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