Sharks Help Cops End Standoff With Stabbing Suspect

Palm Beach, FL – Sharks helped cops end a standoff on a beach with a knife-wielding stabbing suspect.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, sharks have been in the news a lot lately. A 2-headed shark fetus was put on display the other day, along with a great white shark recently caught off the coast of Florida. We even found out that great white sharks eat a whole lot more than expected, needing to consume 90 to 120 kilograms of blubber to survive for 1.5 months out in the wild before another meal.

This latest incident with sharks, criminals, and cops started in a Boca Raton home about noon on Monday. Palm Beach Fire Rescue spokesman James Weber said, “The suspect [Paul Charles] had stabbed his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s new boyfriend in the chest.”

The boyfriend was apparently able to stagger his way to neighbor Kathleen Outlaw. She explains, “It was quiet. I was doing work, and all of a sudden it was ‘Boom, boom, boom! It wasn’t a knock. It was a very violent bang.” Both two stabbing victims were taken to local hospitals.

Meanwhile, the stabbing suspect fled to Palm Beach still armed with his knife. The standoff with police started when Paul Charles told witnesses that he was going to kill himself.

For half of four hours the stabbing suspect stood knee-deep in the ocean, which was very cold. Hypothermia might have started to worm its way in, but the man still refused to surrender.

That’s when the sharks helped the cops. Multiple spinner sharks had been seen jumping in the water. Police say, “”As he moved around, he gained [the sharks] attention. They never got close enough, but we actually used that as a tactic as well.”

What do you think about civic-minded sharks helping cops nab a stabbing suspect?

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