‘Muramasa: Rebirth’ Coming To PlayStation Vita

Muramasa: Rebirth is coming to PlayStation Vita.

Some amazing games get seriously overlooked, and Muramasa: The Demon Blade is among them. It’s a gorgeous game that didn’t get much attention simply because the title may sound too Japanese to get any attention. Unless you’re big on anime, you’ll probably pass it up due to its name alone.

However, Aksys is bringing a new chapter in the series to the US, in HD for the PlayStation Vita. Add in the fact that it’s being localized (the primary language is Japanese, which doesn’t even use the same alphabet), and given a dedicated jump button and DLC featuring four completely new characters, and you can see why PlayStation Vita owners owe it to themselves to give Muramasa: Rebirth a try.

You’re only cheating yourself to not give it a try. Okay, that’s enough guilt tripping.

Seriously, this game is incredibly pretty, using Japanese art that got upgraded to the point where your eyes will thank you for playing it.

The story of Muramasa involves two heroes. One is a ninja (Kisuke) with no memories who is being hunted down by what used to be his friends, and the other is a Princess (Momohime) whose body has been possessed by an evil spirit. Anime fans should be familiar with that idea, as it’s the main backstory of Naruto, so to speak. The two are on a quest traveling in opposite directions trying to collect Demon Blades, hence the title of the first game.

Both characters can have up to three Demon Blades equipped at any time, and each one has a special attack attached to it. All of the blades break down and eventually break, at which point they start to feed on your soul (and probably your health).

There are 108 Demon Blades and they come in two varieties; long, slow ones, and short, fast ones.

And if you find yourself getting low on health, the game even has an eating system. You can literally dip sushi rolls in soy sauce and chow down, among other things. Pretty cool for a game about ninjas.

Muramasa gameplay 2

Muramasa gameplay

Are you excited to see Muramasa: Rebirth for the PlayStation Vita?